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Are we in danger due to artificial intelligence?

Philosophical reasoning

There are many articles on the topic and this one aims to look at the issue from a different angle.

We are certainly still too far from taking a serious interest in Isaac Asimov's three robotic laws. On the other hand, to say that there are no threats would not also be right. But the whole approach is, form my point of view, somewhat misleading, even naive. The very name of artificial intelligence is also misleading, because yet we do not have a clear definition for natural intelligence, so how can we measure AI with it? The name is therefore quite exaggerated, although, it can be said for now, because the development is still moving forward.

The differences are huge, while self-learning is possible and managed in some narrow areas, with self-awareness it will still run on a very, very long track. The basic concept of concern is that in the future AI may acquire such a level of development that it overcomes a man in the crucial aspects of his personality, and therefore can have and carry out its own intentions, and if the intentions of AI are not compatible with the intentions of humanity, humanity may be eradicated. This idea is logical, real and there is nothing wrong with it.

But to answer the question, however, we must go back in to the past.
The human spirit has been researching since ancient times, and the will for knowledge bears fruits. These fruits of knowledge are both delicious and deadly poisonous, there is no neutrality in inventions, because gradually we were able to attribute not only benefit but also death to each technology. Whoever starts the chain of causes and effects does not care at all what will be at the end. If Marie Curie-Skłodowska could have seen into the future Hiroshima and Nagasaki shortly after nuclear bombing and saw heaps of howling burnt half-dead people, would she have continued the research with such an effort, enthusiasm and joy?

It can be argued here that someone would have discovered radioactivity anyway, yes, but as A. Einstein wrote - the later the better...

The same applies and will apply to the subsequent development of autotelic (self-controlling) systems, robots and AI. These are all just tools and nothing comes out of the tools yet. However, the risk does not arise from technology, but lies in the human morality and ethics that lags so far behind the technology that it is not even visible. Concerns about whether software or robot can have defects so that it derail and start destruction are empty. Such robots can be intentionally designed for this, which is already happening. Is there a risk of losing control, or a total blackout? And what if not? Then we'll do it! Are there any safeguards against the misuse of anything? When graviton processing is discovered, will only a gravitonic power plant be built, or gravity bombs first? Everyone involved in this process is afraid of it, but everyone continues cheerfully...

If AI turns against people, it's only because people want this. The only real threat to humanity that arises from AI is - as usual - man himself. The most probable scenario of how it all turns out was described by Stanisław Lem in his excellent book Peace on Earth as early as 1984, (published 1987) I recommend reading it!

The deep message from a tribal leader somewhere in Africa is also worth thinking. When he learned about the horrors of the First World War, he said:
Too bad that Europeans aren't on the same level as cannibals are - if they were, they would only kill as many people as they could eat!"

Kenneth T. Bainbridge, shortly after Trinity nuclear test:
"Now we are all sons of bitches..."



STAINLESS STEEL 1.4541 "Pressure gauge"
Technical article

CHROME NICKEL austenitic stabilized heat-resistant steel
ISO X6CrNiTi 18-10, AISI 321, GOST 06 (08.09) Ch18N10T, ČSN 17246 (-7, -8).
It is supplied as sheets, strips, tubes, profiles, tracks, polished bars, forgings.

Content of elements:
Cr 17-19%, Ni 9-12%, Ti 0.4-0.7%, Mn <2%, Si <1%, C <0.08%

Tensile strength Rm 520 - 720 N / mm2, Yield strength Yp 0.2 min. 200 N/ mm2
Elongation A80 = min. 40%. (Strength values depend on the state of processing).
Solution annealing at 1000 -1100 °C, forming at 900-1200 °C, PWHT at 920 °C.
Non-magnetic, non-hardenable, tends to harden when cold drawn, cut or
machined under inappropriately selected conditions, partly due to the presence
of titanium carbonitrides

Mechanical strengthening is mainly caused by the change from austenite
to post-deformation martensite, which increases strength, reduces ductility and can cause weak magnetization. Hot forging and heat treatment cannot improve the strength and hardness properties, this can only be done by cold forging.
The addition of Ti serves to prevent from detrimental CrC (
Cr3C2, Cr7C3 , etc.) by the formation of TiC and thus it gets resistance to ICG up to temperatures of 650 °C.

Experiments carried out in the practice have shown that this grade is extremely susceptible to ICG, especially after contact with iron oxides (autogenous spraying, grinding sparks). Decomposes on heating under carburization.
In contact with hydrocarbons, paints, at the annealing temperature it burns without almost residue.

For hydraulic applications, it is necessary to know the composition and aggressiveness of the medium. Adherence to an interpass temperature of 150-200 °C is desirable, air cooling is recommended. Polishability is average.
It conducts heat poorly, first it is cold and then it overheats again, it deforms considerably if cooling is poor.

Main advantages and uses:
It resists corrosion relatively well in industrial atmospheres, alkalies and weaker
acids.Due to its toughness and plasticity is an excellent option for pressure
vessels, heat exchanger pipes, hydraulic lines, boiler bodies, tanks, reservoirs,
temperature applications from 300 to 620 °C. This grade of stainless steel
is widely used reliable material but under proper procedures, handling and
processing. After all, it applies to all stainless steels that they must be chosen
judiciously with respect to the conditions in which they are expected to serve.



Tuber formation in cacti and succulents

Science news

The etiology of tuberization is still unclear, despite the explicit synergy of several
phytohormonal agents, inhibitors and promoters. As one of the substances
having a significant effect on the genesis of tubers, we indicate jasmonic acid,
which is chemically 3-oxo-2- (2´-cis-pentenyl) cyclopentane-1-acetic acid.
This acid and its derivatives in 4 known stereoisomers are easily isomerized
or incorporates into various conjugates with glucose and amino acids.
It causes the maturation and aging of various plant segments, along with another derivative: [3-oxo-2- (5´-hydroxy-2´-cis-pentenyl) cyclopentane-1-acetic acid], referred to as tuberonic acid, which results in the formation of tuber production, swelling of radices or shoots, rhizogenesis, stabilization of wrapping attachments, etc. Other tuberizing agents is a group of poly-amines on the putrescine - spermidine route (decrease - increase) with a significantly stimulating effect of somatic embryogenesis and an anti-stress effect.
Coumarin or daminozide also have a positive effect, and the size of the leaf area
is also not negligible. External influences are applied as low temperatures,
photoperiods, phenophases and species specifics.

The function of tubers, caudexes is not only the deposition of nutrients and water, as the general public believes, but above all a competitive evolutionary solution in the form of the advantage of a rapid start into vegetation.


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The old moth is dying and tells the young ones:

"This jacket is all I have, so now you will inherit it.

And do not it eat up for a week...!"

"Darling, would you die for me?"

"No - because there has to be someone else who needs me!"